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Hengda nanjing compressor co., LTD is a professional engaged in air compressor research, development and production of the joint venture. New modern factory is located in the beautiful city of nanjing jiangning district globalization without industrial park, close to 104 national road, traffic is very convenient. Now the company covers an area of 80 mu, a period of 2.6 square office and production workshop has been put into use. Whole company has 120 employees, among whom 58 engineers, technical personnel 12.

The company relies on strong scientific research technology, professional research, development and manufacture of air compressor, sales has made quality, at the same industry leading position. The company's capital injection and the introduction of new and high technology, make the company again on a new step, production of high-tech products reached the international first-class level. The foreign resident engineer retained by the Singapore factory on-site guidance, to ensure product quality and reliable stability.

My company's product modeling beautiful, with compact structure, low noise, small vibration, wind cooling, the advantages of no installation, quality stable and reliable, and can really 24 hours service for you. Already obtained several national patents, covering 10-420 kg pressure, more than 12 host, more than 100 kinds of models. These H2541, H2041 and oil-free water cooling medium pressure air compressor, the indicators are much higher than domestic and international advanced level, to fill the gaps medium pressure compressor industry, and has set up smoothly through the national testing authority.

Company products are widely used around the world, especially in power station, bottle blowing industry are very popular. At present, the company in the United States, France, Britain, Singapore, Manila, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Karachi, South Africa, New Zealand, Brazil and other places with distribution services, more convenient and quick service for the user.


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Add:No. 118 Shenglihe Road, Suihua Industrial Park, Suihua Street, Jiangning District, Nanjing

Tel: 025-52157129  13901588290(Sales)

         025-52157137 13851491906(After-sales service)

         025-52157120 18951605766 (Accessories department/Foreign Trade)
E-mail:yuyangji@vip.163.com   zourongru@nj-hd.com








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