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1. Cast iron structure: the cylinder and crankcase are made of cast iron to ensure the service life of the unit.

2. Cylinder: the deep-finned, independently cast cylinder can remove the generated compressed air heat by 360 degrees.The cylinder is bolted to the crankcase for easy daily maintenance.

3. Flywheel: the flywheel blades generate a "whirlwind" air flow to cool the deep fin cylinder, intercooler and aftercooler.

4, intercooler: fin tube, directly installed in the flywheel air blowing.

5. After cooler: finned tube type, air-cooled type, and the same as the intercooler, installed in the flywheel air blowing place.The compressed air discharged by the aftercooler is about 20℃ higher than the ambient temperature

6. Centrifugal unloading device: release air from the intermediate cooling and cylinder to prevent overload of the unit.

7. Regulating device: all high-voltage units are equipped with automatic start/stop control, in addition, constant speed control and dual control can be selected.

8. Automatic condensing discharge system: the automatic condensing discharge valve is installed on the support of the exhaust separator/valve. When the compressor stops or unloads in the constant speed control mode, the condensed water will be discharged automatically.

9. Motor: TEFC, IP54 motor, in conformity with IEC standards.

10, drive: closed protective cover "V" belt drive, smooth operation.

11. Base: there is a small groove on the base of chongqing steel structure. The motor can be moved to tighten the "V" belt.

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